Intelligent solution of urban smart light pole

time: 2022-12-06Source: Site original

Program overview: With the country's strong support for the development of 5G, smart city, smart transportation and other industries, the smart light pole market finally ushered in an explosion in 2021. The amount of smart light pole related bidding projects in 2021 exceeded 15.5 billion yuan, quadrupling that of 4.9 billion yuan in 2020. On March 1, 2022, China's first national standard of smart light pole industry, "Smart City Smart Multifunctional Pole Service Function and Operation Management Standard", was officially implemented.


As the "entrance to smart city", smart light poles are responsible for a variety of functions, such as lighting, traffic monitoring, LED release system, environmental monitoring, charging piles and so on. In the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, smart light poles, as a "new public infrastructure" for smart city construction and a carrier of 5G base stations, have also been used in major venues. In order to build the iot perception network, create a new smart city, can add new energy to power the construction of smart light pole, launched the overall smart light pole solution.


NJ intelligent light pole management platform, including a number of modules, can achieve multi-functional linkage application. The main console contains all functional interface entrances; Municipal function module, can complete the urban infrastructure monitoring; The security function module can realize monitoring and alarm, management, operation and maintenance module can manage and set the equipment. In addition, there are charging pile, information release, interface expansion, wireless WIFI, intelligent lighting, environmental monitoring and other modules, which is convenient for customers to realize various functions and platform management of smart light poles. The intelligent light pole cloud platform has an Internet of Things system integrating data collection, data analysis, remote control and alarm help.


The promotion of smart cities is not only about business and government affairs.What can't be ignored is every tiny "cell" in urban construction. Just as the "multi-purpose integration" of smart street lights is one of the most effective entry paths in multiple applications of smart cities, the progress of society and the development of science and technology will also give these ordinary infrastructure more intelligent linkage in the building of smart cities.