4G smart light pole gateway network integrated pole

time: 2022-12-07Source: Site original

4G smart light pole gateway network multifunctional comprehensive pole, to achieve the park video surveillance intelligent security. The comprehensive pole body of the park is equipped with a 4G smart light pole gateway capable of adding iot, which connects various video cameras and alarm terminals to the network. The data is uploaded to the cloud in real time, and the management personnel monitor and dispatch remotely. The intelligent video surveillance security system with deep face analysis and recognition in the smart park and the control of the optical alarm platform is established.


The video monitoring system of the park under the 4G smart light pole gateway covers all distribution points of the park. High-definition data can be uploaded in real time, administrators can monitor all day long, remote cameras can adjust and dispatch, and historical data can be searched. Illegal intrusion can be avoided by relying on deep face analysis of the system's big data.The system has video monitoring, passenger flow statistics, security, fire protection, parking management, management and other subsystems, data sharing, remote platform collaborative management, multi-level linkage, to improve the scenic spot management, service and security level.


Ports provide Layer 2 networking capabilities and apply to ring and interactive chain networking scenarios. When network ports are insufficient, switch communication components can be added to increase the number of network ports.

Supports WIFI, 4G, gigabit network ports, and multiple modes of Ethernet access.

Wired and wireless backup each other to ensure the normal and stable transmission of data, intelligent switch network backup, in the case of disconnection, the data is stored offline, waiting for the network recovery data can be transmitted.


Support three Netcom, compatible with telecom, mobile, China Unicom 2G, 3G, 4G networks.

Supports the Micro sim card and uses the offline prevention mechanism.

Rich protocol, easy to connect, transparent data transmission, MODBUS RTU to TCP/IP, MQTT.

The industrial high-speed 4G wireless communication module is used, and the 32-bit high performance processor is configured. The information collected by the front end is more timeliness and accuracy.