Street lamp remote monitoring system

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The street lamp remote wireless monitoring system is mainly composed of front end rod device, communication control terminal, management center, etc. The intelligent street lamp gateway is the core device to establish the data channel of front end and management system such as rod controller, camera, sensor, etc. to realize real-time data acquisition. Upload, remote monitoring, control and other functions, farewell to the traditional street lamp management mode, the establishment of digital, automatic, intelligent energy-saving and efficient street lamp remote wireless monitoring system.


Remote street lamp monitoring system


Street lamp remote wireless monitoring system function

PLC power line carrier, using the existing power line, through the carrier mode of analog or digital signals for high-speed transmission technology. The big advantage is that there is no need to rewire the network, and data can be transferred as long as there are wires.

ZigBee/LoRa, using public free spectrum, self-built network, self-maintenance, low speed and short distance transmission, the main features of low speed, low power consumption, low cost, support for a large number of network nodes, low complexity, fast, reliable and safe.

Intelligent lamp control, according to the flow of people, light brightness, remote control of the lamp on, off, light intensity and so on.

The remote control system of street lamp under the intelligent light pole gateway supports edge control strategy, automatic control of timing, single light and cluster light, and self-starting edge strategy of network disconnection.

Street lamp remote wireless monitoring system Internet of Things gateway rich interface protocol library full network 5G/4G network, support edge computing, meet the bar body a large number of equipment access, real-time data acquisition high-speed and low delay transmission, meet the wisdom of the light pole.

Intelligent lighting, video surveillance, road monitoring, environmental meteorological monitoring, sound and appearance broadcasting, charging pile, one-button alarm, wifi coverage and other multi-functions.

Remote status monitoring, fault troubleshooting, equipment power monitoring, remote operation and maintenance.

The remote wireless street lamp monitoring platform has strong compatibility, simple and easy operation, centralized control of GIS map light poles, remote lighting control, equipment status monitoring, visual monitoring data chart, video data scheduling and query, remote information release, equipment upgrade operation and maintenance control.