4G smart lamppost, enabling smart city of Internet of Things

time: 2022-12-26Source: Site original

The high integration of the new energy 4G smart road light pole has gradually become the entrance of municipal, transportation, security, environment and other information in the construction of new smart cities in the era of the Internet of Things. Multifunctional smart light pole integrates intelligent light control, video surveillance, wifi coverage, new energy charging pile, security alarm, environmental monitoring, traffic control, led screen, audio and video broadcasting and other functions. While improving the urban road landscape, it carries large peripheral devices to connect to the network and remote control center to realize wireless data transmission. To complete the high-tech intelligent Internet of Things smart city system.

4G smart road light pole smart city carrier

Intelligent lighting

Remote single light, cluster control, according to the preset time, lighting, people density and other conditions, intelligent induction and energy-saving.

Video surveillance

Face depth video, traffic capture, remote video data query, degree adjustment, francium can perceive every corner of the city, grasp the details of municipal infrastructure, and improve the city security level.

Information release

Peripheral LED display, remote release of government information current political news, public welfare factory, commercial wide, etc., good city information sharing timeliness.

Environmental monitoring

Light poles build urban microenvironment sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, noise, air quality (PM2.5, etc.), wind speed, wind direction and other environmental indicators in real time to improve urban environmental quality and ensure residents' residential safety.

Wireless WIFI

To achieve full WIF signal coverage on urban roads and improve residents' travel experience in the network era.

New energy charging pile

Further improve the frequency and convenience of new energy vehicles to help urban environmental protection construction.

One-button alarm

With the video monitoring system linkage, the crisis situation in the first time for help, deal with sudden and vicious events, prevent the expansion of danger, effectively solve the city security problems.

Smart light pole gateway -- urban Internet of Things data channel

As the core communication terminal of the smart light pole, it connects the front-end peripheral sensor, display screen, controller, instrument and so on to the network, collects and transmits data, video, voice, semaphore and analog quantity wirelessly, and interconnects with the back-end server to realize the data interworking, multi-stage linkage remote monitoring and control of urban environment, municipal administration, security, traffic and other aspects.

1. Supports two optical fiber ports, 7xLAN, 1xWLAN, 2xRS485, 1xAC220V input, 3xAC220V output, 1xDC24V output, and 1xDC12V output.

2. Support WIF(optional), 5G/4G(optional), network port, optical port and other modes to access the Internet, can be online at the same time.

3, hold enough wireless expansion mode, LoRa, ZigBee, tooth, etc., hold LoRaWAN protocol (support frequency band: CN470Mhz(China), EU868MHz (Europe), US915MHz(America), AS923MH(Southeast Asia), AU915MHz(Australia), RU868MHz (Russia), IN865MHz (India), KR923MHz(Korea); Support zigBee(support band, 2.4GH global free band).