Smart agricultural IOT

time: 2022-12-07Source: Site original

NJ Intelligent Agriculture Cloud platform is a cloud platform system specially developed for a series of plant protection instruments for pest control. The system includes solar insect killing lamp platform, aerial detection and reporting lamp platform, insect situation detection and reporting lamp platform, and intelligent agriculture - four emotions cloud platform. Each subsystem platform can be displayed on a separate page and controlled independently. It can add new energy to provide the overall solution of intelligent agriculture cloud platform to plant protection instruments such as solar insect killing lamp, aerial detection and reporting lamp, insect situation detection and reporting lamp, solar monitoring system and intelligent agriculture Internet of things customization service.


Intelligent Agricultural iot system composition: The intelligent agricultural iot system is mainly composed of perception layer, network communication layer and application layer.

NJ IOT gateway of new energy smart street lamp as the core of network communication, and link down with agricultural equipment, sensors, instruments and other data acquisition (video and image analog volume, connection signal, etc.), and support the wireless remote transmission of 4G network of the three major operators of Internet of Things card. Automatic report to the cloud, real-time monitoring of remote target parameters in the monitoring center /pc/mobile terminal, video monitoring, remote control of equipment operation and maintenance.