IOT solution for bug detection and reporting

time: 2022-12-08Source: Site original

Background: As the global climate warms, farmers will face more droughts, floods and extreme heat, which affect crop growth. But these disasters are nothing compared with pests. Global warming could have disastrous consequences for the nation's food supply by creating more voracious grasshoppers, caterpillars and other crop-eating pests, according to new statistics. Therefore, the growth of crops in the field must have a system to lure insects and kill insects, which is the intelligent bug detection and reporting system.



The bug detection and reporting system developed by Nengjia company is a new generation bug detection and reporting tool. The bug detection and reporting lamp is also called intelligent bug detection lamp, intelligent bug detection and reporting lamp. The lamp is made of stainless steel and uses modern optical, electrical and numerical control technology to realize the functions of far infrared automatic treatment of insect body, automatic conversion of insect catching bag and automatic operation of the whole lamp. Under the condition of unsupervised, it can automatically complete the system operations of insect trapping, insect killing, collection, sorting and drainage. This system mainly uses modern optical, electrical, numerical control technology, wireless transmission technology, Internet of things technology, to build a set of pest ecological monitoring and early warning system. The system integrates pest trapping and photographing, environmental information collection, data transmission and data analysis, realizing the automation and intelligence of pest trapping, classified statistics, real time transmission, remote monitoring, pest warning and control guidance. It has the characteristics of stable performance, simple operation and flexible setting.

I. Remote pest analysis and reporting system

Using modern optical, electrical and numerical control technology, the remote bug situation analysis and reporting instrument can automatically complete the system operations of trapping, killing, collection, sorting and drainage under the condition of no supervision. Through the GPRS mobile wireless network, the pictures of the insect body collected in the bug catching box are taken regularly and automatically uploaded to the remote monitoring platform of the Internet of Things. The platform automatically records and collects data every day. An insect pest database can be formed, which can be displayed in the form of data lists and charts. The staff can know the situation and changes of the insect remotely at any time, and formulate prevention and control measures.


Ii. Equipment for detection and analysis of insect situation

Rice Intelligent Pest Detection and Reporting system is a professional image recognition tool for rice pests. It can accurately identify rice pests such as rice planthopper, rice leaf roller, and chilo suppressioner. In the absence of supervision, photos of insect situation are collected in real time and uploaded to the cloud platform of Internet of Things for automatic identification and counting, so as to analyze and predict the occurrence of insect pests. The equipment has built-in function of separating insects and rain, which can work in sunny and rainy days.