IOT software platform customized solutions

time: 2022-12-08Source: Site original

Industry background: At present, many users have a strong demand for software that conforms to their own business characteristics. Productized software is more inclined to the common functions of users in various industries, and it is difficult to meet the needs of users with their own characteristics of business management. In fact, as a small and medium-sized enterprise, we do not need so many complex functions, but often need to provide personalized services on a systematic basis. If a productization company is asked to provide customization, it is often refused, or the development costs are too expensive and a considerable expense for small and medium-sized enterprises. If an enterprise chooses software customization from - and starts with the core business first, it can reduce the development expenditure and realize the valuable budget is put on the valuable software function. Therefore, now more and more users begin to turn the application mode of software to "custom development". Make software 100 percent for the job in a tailored way.


Customized Features:

1. Highly targeted software functions, fully customized process and logic, and developed applicable and easy to use software;

2. Select suitable software development technology to improve code quality, shorten development cycle and reduce development cost;

3. Combine mature working mode with advanced mathematical model to improve working efficiency;

4. Households participate in the development, and the demand proposer is the software user, reducing the training cost;

5. Customers' demand ideas are promoted in the industry with software as the carrier, and there are good social benefits.

6. Support B/S and C/S architecture to fully cover the implementation requirements;

7, strong control, process step one - clear;

8. Close to customers' personalized needs and thorough service;

9. Strong user rights management to meet the requirements of different types and scales of customers;

10, powerful and flexible, easy module expansion;

11, the follow-up service is convenient and convenient, by the intimate service. Powerful user rights management to meet the requirements of different types and sizes of customers;